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About Me

Cinematographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 
It was a coincidental sign-up. Without knowing the importance it would take in her life, Penelope chose Film 101 as a final elective in high school. She picked up a camera, and suddenly it all clicked in to place. She knew, then and there, that this was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. Being behind the camera provided a sense of place and belonging, an instant desire to learn as much as she could about the craft of filmmaking. 
Studying the art of filmmaking was largely a collaborative yet independent process. Taking every advantage and every opportunity she could, Penelope gained traction in successfully creating multiple genres of film. Working as a PA for production companies, spending her spare time creating short videos, completing class projects through the use of film, and taking multiple video jobs for the university, Penelope found her voice through the filming and telling of stories. 
Passion. Knowledge. Creation. Penelope has an eye to see things in a different perspective and visualize the way a story wants to be told. Her goal is to not only create, but to continue learning, continue collaborating, and continue mastering the craft. Through film, she hopes to show the world the small and wonderful parts of the world that you might not notice. 


NYU Film & TV Certificate

Completed training sponsored by NYU Tisch School of the Art that covers Film & TV Industry Essentials.


Contracted out to Meta as a full-time video editor, Penelope worked within the Employee Experience team creating internal videos that range from onboarding, training, highlights, sizzle reels and events for Facebook.

Spark & Wick Productions

Started as a way to tell their own stories, a small group of creators began filming short films. Penelope was one of the original crew, taking role as Cinematographer and Editor.

See their work here.

Origins Cannabis

Penelope worked to create a series of training videos, which were posted on an online training platform for new employees. Focused mostly on the technical creation, she was key in starting the process to create engaging and informative content.

Western Washington University

During her time receiving a BA in Filmmaking, Penelope worked within the video department.

With ATUS, she worked as a technology specialist that helped students and teachers with any audio, video, and technical questions.

With CIIA, she created a series of 10-15 videos a year, showcasing selected teachers up and coming teaching styles through interviews and b-roll footage. 

With Video Services, she set up audio and filmed live presentations the university put on and hosted.


KVIK: Student-run Video Show

Penelope held the role of Executive Producer for two shows in KVIK.

The Mix filmed live music events around Bellingham, as well as recording big name concerts held by WWU. 

VTV discovered and created segments highlighting both fun and important news stories around Bellingham and WWU. 

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